essential oil blends

my new favorite essential oil blend is supposed to release constrained qi in the body. its a simple blend of chamomile, bergamont and lavender and i thought i would give all you blogians a little insight on these oils, and what exactly they do.

first of all each, oil blend should have at least three components. essential oils are divided into top, middle, and base notes depending on their strength, origin, and use. this blend is no exception.

the top note is BERGAMONT. top notes usually dont last as long, come from fruits, and have a lighter scent. bergamont oil comes from the peel of the fruit actually, is green and smells very sweet. it has many uses including aid of digestion due to nervous indigestion. when applied to the skin it also soothes eczema and psoriasis. Bergamont oil is also recommended for people who are tense, anxious or depressed. It has a sedative quality but is also very uplifting. bergamont's energetic quality promote the free flowing movement of qi

depression due to stagnant qi energy is the result of
accumulated stress or repressed emotion, the emotion most
often involved is that of unrepressed anger. like lavender, bergamont
encourages the release of pent up feelings- feelings that can lead
not only to depression, but insomnia, anxiety and mood swings
bergamont oil helps up relax and let go.

this and other cites in this
blog are from salvatore battaglia's
the complete guide to aromatherapy

the middle note of this blend is LAVENDER which frankly i think is the mother of the essential oil. it can do anything. middle notes have a little bit more to em than these top noters. they last a little bit longer and usually come from leaves or flowers. lavender is a small shrub and its leaves are romantic and aromatic. lavender can heal sunburns, relieve muscle aches and pains, and can become a relaxant or an energetic depending on the needs of your own body. is that awesome? sorry im a dork. its a sure fire cure for insomnia and can also ease headaches. lavender also treats colds, especially problems associated with the lungs.

according to traditional chinese medicine, lavender is cooling.
lit may be used to clear heat, resolve fever, cool an overheated
liver and support the heart and its spirit. lavender is
recommended for the treatment if nervous tension , palpitations
and high blood pressure

last but not least the base note, a heavier oil that mostly comes from resins. ROMAN CHAMOMILE can be a middle note or a base note, but its grounding qualities in this blend make it a nice addition to the other two oils. the chamomile is a flower and is pale yellow color. chamomile flowers themselves can be used in steams or teas to ease a restless mind. it is often used as a before bedtime drink. but, what ya dont know is it also has anti inflammatory qualities. its super safe for babies and can even be used to subdue those suckers when their teething!!! rubbing the oil on the chest can also calm asthma attacks. just so ya know. but today its being used for its calming stress relieving scent.
roman chamomile promotes the free flow of qi which is important
for relaxing the nerves, relieving spasms and easing pain.
this makes it beneficial for nervous tension, insomnia, indigestion
and headaches.
*that relieving spasm part is good for pms and cramps ladies

sounds like the making for a good massage ya?