shao fu

so today i took this quiz called 'what acupuncture point are you' just for fun and my result were crazy! the quiz exclaimed SHAO FU or Heart8. Ive never actually been needled at Heart8 becaue its in an unusual place. When your palm faces up, the point is in between the ring and pinky fingers. When a fist is made is made, its the point where the tip of the pinky rests. So heres the skinny on this point. Its kind o f scary how much it reminds me of me.

First of all its a Fire Point and because in Traditional Chinese Medicine the Heart is a Fire Organ, its a fire point on a fire channel. That makes it what is called a Horary Point, and makes it much more powerful when used. Its used for sedating palpitations from the heart caused from stress as well as other random things that I tend to deal with.

No secret hear that I am very hot, internally. And part of my acupuncture sessions deal with clearing the excess heat from toxins and such out my body. Heart 8 clears heart fire and calms the mind. Its also famous for skin problems that cause itching from internal heat like psoriasis, eczema and insect bites. It also deals with heat and urination issues. And OMG I always pee.

So I found the point on my palm and pressed. And I swear to god I gave myself a mini nap cause I woke up five minutes later. Press it if your itchy or stressed or have to pee. Yah!!