tui na

tonight im going to my tui na class. Traditional Chinese Medicine includes massage methods that realign soft tissue, energize the body, as well as treating internal disease. tui na uses simple, effective techniques that you can use to heal yourself at home. tonight were talking about acupressure points that can help relieve pain, stimulate circulation in the digestive track, and disperse accumulations of qi, blood, and fluids in the body. heres a little peek at the points we will use in class tonight, that you can use to help yourself when your digestion is feeling sluggish, or the opposite, for lack of a better word, muddy.

all points can be pressed with your thumb and held for a minute or two. once youve sufficiently pressed, knead a little into the point being careful not to hurt yourself or someone else with your thumbnail.

ST41: This point is located on the top of the foot where the foot itself meets the leg. if you feel the center of that point and flex your foot, youll feel two very large tendons. ST41 is right in between the tendons.

ST41 clears stomach heat which can cause excessive hunger thirst and constipation. press this point when you feel youve been a bit excessive to help with a firey tummy.