uranus and saturn are fighting

i heard about this today in my yoga class and i couldnt believe it, and your not gonna believe it either. but check this out. all this is happening because saturn and uranus hate each other and for the last two years, starting on november 4th 2008 actually, the day obama was elected to the end of july, uranus and saturn have been duking it out, fighting to the death.

the two planets are old enemies and fiercely competitive. Where Uranus urges us to seek the perfection of ideals, Saturn reminds us that the world we live in is full of challenge and shattered dreams. Where Uranus wants to break free of restrictions that bind us, Saturn binds us to our responsibilities and social morality. Uranus prefers chaos and the unlimited scope of new ideas and visions - Saturn requires that we crystallize these visions into solid structures that are acceptable to the society in which we live.

This opposition cycle will last longer than most as Saturn and Uranus face off a total of five times between November 2008 and July of 2010. Saturn and Uranus have opposed each other twice in the past 100 years: between 1917 and 1920, and between 1964 and 1967.

Simply said, with Saturn and Uranus, we have Same vs. Change.We may feel like we are on a see-saw, one minute wanting to “just throw it all away” and start fresh while the next minute holding on, with dear life, to all that we have created.

Yet, Saturn and Uranus can dance together really graciously. These energies can be rectified, dialoguing in a way that enables empowering and realistic change to come to life. Remember, Saturn provides structure in order to make things manifest. So if it’s change that you want, if you want to create something new in your life, Saturn can help provide the foundation and support to help make it happen. When making Uranian changes, just remember to pay homage to Saturn by infusing some pragmatism into your thinking when deciding how you can reinvent areas of your life.

its the planets. they punched me. and it felt good.