gnocchi ragu

i had friends over last week and attempted to make a dish that i found online somewhere a long time ago. because of me being picky, short on time, and in a neighborhood with less than stellar food choices i ended up making some changes to the recipe which i think turned out for the better and really made the recipe my own. below you will find a somewhat accurate rendition of the dish

about a pound of organic grass fed lean beef
as much bacon as you can find
roughly four cloves of garlic
olive oil
3 shallots
cup of shreddded carrots
2 chopped stalks of celery
14oz can of crushed tomato
splash of red wine or brandy
cup of organic chicken stock
tbsp of tomato paste
bay leaf
some pasta

-heat the oil in a pan, add some garlic but dont let it burn or spit at you. add the bacon. its supposed to be like three slices of bacon, but i put at least twice that amount last time i made it and i think it still could have done with more. let the bacon crisp up before adding the beef. again recipe called for half a pound but if your gonna eat meat, eat it.
-so wait till that browns before you add three sliced shallots, the carrots, celery, a splash of booze, the tomato paste and some salt and pepper to season. let the veggies soften. saute for about five more minutes
-next add the canned tomato, chicken stock, a bay leaf(thanks marilyn) and if your so inclined maybe a handful of capers for more taste. once that starts boiling cover it and let it simmer for about 20 minutes.
- meanwhile start on your pasta. originally the recipe was all about some little gnocchi dumplings which work fine, but i couldnt find any so i opted for some mini cheese raviolis. i also some tortellini and im sure that would work just as well. so cook the pasta according to the directions and drain it.
-after the stew simmers for 20 take the lid off and let it thicken up just a little bit more. remove the bay leaf and mix it in with your pasta.
-yummers. eat it.

oh fyi i almost forgot. for all my vegetarians out there, audra thats you: forget all that meat talk and start sauteing some eggplant instead of bacon. itll soak up all that garlic flavor and be super yummy, you could also use tofu or tempeh and it would still be just as hearty and lovely as all get out.