a little help from a juniper berry

so kids, I'm trying to stay on the train to detoxville just in general by practicing better eating, physical, spiritual and social graces. but as everyone seems to do on that train, the can easily get derailed by falling back onto habits, having an excessive evening or two but the important thing is to be aware of where you are in your body and spirit, realize whats going on, and move on.

after a few fun days in the sun, my psoriasis started to act up which lately i have found is like a whistle for excessive behavior. every time i want to cut all my hair off and scratch to my brain cause my scalp burns with psoriasis i know i need to settle in, drink some water, go to a vinyasa practice and stay in my house to watch food network.

although my psoriasis is an internal problem and comes from imbalances inside my body, a good salve for the skin is always helpful to help resisting the urge to itch my scalp.

according to traditional Chinese medicine, most skin diseases come from an excessive condition in the body. the condition could come from too much heat, cold, wind, or damp in the body. the body needs to be a balance of hot and cold and wind and damp to prevent pain and disease. these important conditions can remain in balance simply by taking care of yourself. eating right, exercising and staying clean and calm is all you really need. imbalances can be corrected by massage, acupuncture, meditation, and herbs and tonics. this particular imbalance coming out through my skin is caused from excessive toxins in my body trying to escape in the form of a very hot skin rash at the back of my skull. ew, i know.

i have always been a very hot person, but only recently did i realize that the heat in my body was causing problems such as this one. that's a whole nother blog, i think ill call it. damn i am so hot. but back to my psoriasis. internally i have been trying to cool off my excessive scalp by lessening my intake of sugar and alcohol. this has been very helpful. but since its such a chronic disease, one Ive been dealing with on and off for 10 years, its not disappearing immediately. whenever i am a little excessive, or even stressed, which also sets it off i have a little oil Ive been putting on my skin to make me feel better.

coconut is notorious in ayruvedic medicine for cooling the body. if you ever have a sunburn or bug bite, coconut oil is the oil for you. i would simply rub it on a cottonball and put on the affected areas. Ive been putting it on my scalp mixed with an aforementioned sandalwood oil to calm and cool the skin. but i just got some juniper berry in the mail and Ive added that essential oil to my blend to make a wonderful adjustment.

juniper berry oil is steam distilled from the crushed or dried ripe berries. its long been used as a diuretic and also for decongesting the lymphatic system. translated: detoxing. especially on skin conditions like my own. although according to TCM the oil is warming, adding it to the cooling sandalwood and coconut balances out the warmness and just gives me extra yang energy. ahh yang energy, another blog to begin. although the warmness needs to be kept under wraps, the yang energy makes the Qi in my body move, which will infiltrate the damp that has built up with the heat and disperses it through my body. moreover, keeping it from sitting on the back of my brain, but dispersing it through the body and hopefully out completely. does that make sense? i hope so.

the fresh clean scent of juniper is associated with purification and has been used since ancient times by the Greeks to purify spiritually. it also can be used for driving out negative influences and negative thoughts. i know personally i get some of those after a little too much indulgence. it is recommended for people who feel aloof almost or deeply absorbed in their own thoughts. i guess people who worry too much and put too much pressure on themselves or cant stop thinking about unpleasant memories. i unfortunately don't fall victim to all those things but i can definitely relate. the smell of juniper might be lovely for someone who gets so in their
head or they have trouble starting their day sometimes. the lovely smell gives them some motivation to get up and out of the house to face the day, and on my part, helps me be less itchy. ta.