metal energy

ive been trying to find a way to slowly incorporate five element theory into my blog, but its very complex and i thought to introduce it all at once would be too taxing. but yesterday i figured out a way to at least explain one element, not so much by explaining what it is, but what it isnt.

according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, five elements make up and control the universe. the element of each is present in everything and humans are no exception. even though the element itself might not be incorporated into everything, the characteristics and form of the element are just as present.

apart from controlling and supporting the earth, these elements take a different path into the human psyche specifically. because we are the only living thing on the planet that supports consciousness, the elements play an important role in becoming the conscious being that will someday take us back to the earth, metaphysically speaking.

and this is not a play on the fact that God does not exist or that I don't believe in a higher powers existence, quite the contrary. I believe the soul moves on and the body does not, but the existence of five element theory brings us closer to the beyond and the oneness of the universe.
its a study of human nature.

somehow this all begins with metal energy.

the minerals in the earth provide substance and richness to the soil to which are essential essence or food itself is grown. the salt of the earth you may call it. the salt of the earth, too much or too less also controls the trees and crops grown on the earth. the minerals in the earth fuel the earth with heat and provide the structure that builds everything we stand on from buildings to airplanes to bridges. metal is the connector of the elements. metal energy can also be defined as a field. electric fields that are defined through phone lines, electromagnetic waves, and even the cell barriers inside that interchange potassium and sodium to provide energy in our own bodies. metal energy sets up an energetic field and defines in life.

each element has two organs inside us that correspond to its energy. metal energy is partnered with the lungs and the large intestine. the lungs are a yin organ which means they hold things more, like air in this instance. the large intestine is the yang half of metal energy because its more suited to move things, like waste. the metal energy sets up the field in the body as well. the lungs control the field between us and air while the intestines set up the field between us and solids, leaving to be more specific.

metal energy also represents things that are superficial or assuming in our lives. metal energy is churning when we make a phone call, assuming the phone will connect us. its also present when we put a key in a lock, assuming we can move from field to field. the most basic of all is that we assume the air in our lungs will let us breathe. the skin is also associated with metal energy because it is the most superficial of the body. skin disorders can sometimes be associated with metal deficiency in the body. as well as coughs, digestive problems, etc.

some scholars and authors define each person into a type of element. that person is an earth, that guy is a total metal, etc. i don't believe in that definition. defining a person into one element means there are only five types of people on the earth and that is very far from true. i think that people have tendencies towards patterns of the elements but that everyone has each and everyone inside them. and that people can got rough phases in their life that represent those elements. these phases can last years, weeks or even a day. which brings me back to my point.

yesterday i had a bad metal energy day. my skin was itchy, thats nothing new, but i also lost a ten dollar bill i assumed would be in my wallet. money is the most metal of all and the most assuming. assuming this metal credit card can buy me what i want. that these metal coins will get me on a bus. and i should have been on the look out because the 10bucks were gone. later in the day, while trying to update my phone, it erased everything.

all my contacts, apps, pictures, music: the things i assumed would be on my phone when i picked it up. i was super pissed and upset, but as i started to calm down i tried to imagine how superficial my problem was. really it was. in order to see how strong your metal energy, you have to see how attached you are to superficial things and how you react when you lost them. once i realized how unimportant it was i just tried to acknowledge it and then let it go.