so i was looking for yarrow oil..

im not even sure where to start on this one. long story short, i was in the east village yesterday and decided to stop by a place called flower power. i was looking for a top note to an oil blend im making for my psoriasis and was interested in smelling up some yarrow oil i had been researching.

this place was amazing. one wall was filled with every herb, tincture, and flower id ever seen, on the other was a table filled with essential oils, tea and flower essences. it smelled so good and i was in heaven. but this girl that worked there was not. she was crazy mean. but that did not deter me. among the questions she asked me were

have you ever even smelled yarrow?
do understand what a flower essence is?
do you get thatll be expensive?
do you practice witchcraft?
do you know how intense the Chinese are?

it was awesome. I had just come from Brunch and was using the kill her with kindness approach. little did i know my friend was standing behind me with some bamboo we'd just procured from the garden shop for her wilting tomatoes, and she was getting ready to hit her in the face with them. it was hilarious. everything i brought up she had a major problem with but i just wanted to find something for my skin. we FINALLY settled on something else I could try, considering all the yarrow flowers and oils in the place were gone. she gave me a small bag of burdock root tea and told me to start drinking it every morning to aid in my psoriasis. so i came home and checked it out.

funny enough the burdock root is from China, but was also widely used in Europe. It is used as a extremely effective liver and kidney tonic and cleanses toxins in the bloodstream. It also aids in purging and psoriasis. its also used for indigestion and strengthens the stomach. its good for clearing out build up. this sounds right up my alley. just mix one teaspoon of the herb into water and let simmer for about 15 minutes. well see, im about to drink the stuff.