universal folk remedies for dry hair

this summer has been crazy for my scalp and my hair. i have psoriasis on my scalp and it makes my hair and head in general extremely dry. this summer has been crazy on it. I'm itchy, i want to cut it off and its driving me crazy. i have been wanting to do a deep conditioning to help it, but my scalp is very sensitive and almost anything i put on my head irritates it. so, i thought if i put natural things from my fridge without a bunch of chemicals in them, it might fair better. findings are as follows:

women in Puerto Rico slice a ripe avocado in half, mash it, and work the paste into their hair. let it sit there for a half hour and then wash it out. now good for them but i could only imagine me and my boyfriend sitting on the couch dipping chips into my hair. that would conceivably happen. moving on...

mayonnaise is also another tried and true conditioner, same deal. work into your hair, put on a shower cap and let sit for half hour. meh, how would i make my tuna fish sandwich tomorrow if i used all the mayo.

herbs such as comfrey leaves, patchouli. orange peels, rosemary, calendula and lavender can correct dry hair but i decided to try an old trick i found out the Dominicans do to their hair and lemme tell you something. i get the sweetest Dominican lady to do my hair and they KNOW SOME HAIR. so i made a mixture of organic coconut oil and an egg yolk and set it on my hair for an hour. but i also added a little bit of sandalwood oil.

notes on sandalwood oil.

i like to keep some diluted sandalwood on hand in case i feel a little stressed. putting a drop on your third eye will instantly give you a grounded feeling. its one of the oldest known aromatics in the world, first popularized by the Sri Lankans who buried their dead princes with it. its also an integral part of the Hindu and Buddhist faiths. The scent is used during religious rituals and is the best oil known for aiding in meditation. It is reputed to quiet mental chatter and is recommended for the preparation of healing work. It is closely associated with Chakras by linking the base and the crown Chakra.

As far as Chinese Medicine is concerned, they have used the oil for its cooling properties. My red hot itchy scalp could use a little cooing off. It is soothing, moisturizing and is used for skin problems such as psoriasis eczema and acne.

So I put my Sandalwood Coconut Oil Eggs Mask on and it smelled divine. My scalp felt great and I was super relaxed for the rest of the evening. I took a shower last night and my only reservation is I should take another one before I attempt to go outside. Some of the oil still looms. But that's okay, I'm less itchy. for now.... duh duh DUHHHH!!!!