acupressure for your immune system

so Indian summer doesn't seem to be lasting very long, its getting chilly and fast. this is perfect weather for you to get sick. so Ive looked up a few points on the body that you can hold and rub to strengthen your immune system as a preventative measure to not. get. sick.

Kidney 27: Rubbing the area right below the collar bone with your finger pads in a circular motion will stimulate Kidney27. This point strengthens the immune system, specifically the respiratory system. it will free up any lingering goop that wants to congest your lil lungs and stuff

Stomach 36: You can find this point by first finding your knee cap. measure four finger widths below the knee cap, thats wide not long, just four little finger widths down from the knee cap and one finger width over to the outside of your shin. Right there in that little hole is Stomach 36. You can tell if your in the right spot by flexing your foot. If you feel a muscle flexing underneath your finger, your in the right spot. By pressing and rubbing this point for a few minutes, you are on your way to renewed energy. ST36 not only strengthens your immune system, it strengthens sluggish digestion, which might make you feel down, heavy or tired.

Kidney3: Your immune system needs the kidneys a lot, they are the fire that burns to keep you moving and healthy. Kidney Qi is only made once before your even born and you and only you can nourish it by taking care of yourself. K3 is located on the inside of your ankle, half way between the inner ankle bone and the Achilles tendon. Rub your foot for a few minutes there and your balancing the whole immune system. Its a very powerful point.

Last but not least is Ren 17. The Ren line runs all the way down the midline of your body. It passes through all Seven Chakras and therefore the Adrenal System of the body. R17 is located on your breastbone. Three finger widths up from the base of it. Rub that spot in a small circular motion and your governing resistance to illness and decreasing anxiety by regulating the Thymus gland.

You can do these excercises on your couch while you watch Americas Next Top Model. Go ahead, be entertained and stay healthy. Ciao.