this is one of my new basil plants. i reaallly dont want to kill it. please please please survive me basil, you taste delicious. i actually bought two plants. one for the kitchen and its yummy goodness, the other for my bedroom window. ive had a mosquito snooping around my window sill and just because the air is nice and cool doesnt mean hes welcome. fortunately for me, mosquitoes hate the smell of basil and will not enter with one flourishing in my window. yes maam, basil is one of many completely natural insect repellents. cider kills ants and catnip repels roaches but, basil will keep the mosquitoes away. you can also steep some fresh basil in about half a cup of water, then mix it with some sake or vodka for repellent on the go. or just rub some leaves on your skin in a pinch.

not only is it yummy, it improves your memory and fends off melancholy and depression. its also great for a muscle soak. if you layer basil leaves with sea salt and olive oil and let it set for a few weeks, strain the oil off and rub on your muscles to relieve sore muscles. and last but not least...

4oz parmesan or pecorino cheese grated
40z pine nuts
a bunch of fresh basil
2 garlic cloves
3 oz olive oil
in a blender.