earth energy

moving right along with my incorporation of five element theory into my blog, this is the perfect time to move on from superficial metal energy and delve deeper into the body and the spirit. slightly deeper in the body, past the skin that represents metal energy is the flesh. the stuff were made of, the representation of earth energy.

while metal energy is a representation of the fall, earth energy is represented in the small season were in right now called indian summer. indian summer is my favorite time of year, i have always had a very strong connection to it so it makes sense why, of course, i have earth energy imbalances.

not only does earth energy represent indian summer, the small period between summer and fall where the summer holds the day but the fall holds the night. it also represents what the chinese called the 'dojo' which is not only indian summer but, the equinoxes and solstices during the year.

earth energy is represented by what were made of. our flesh is made of things that come from the earth. what we plant, grow, eat and consume from the earth is why we are earth people. we are made of what the earth is made of and what the earth gives us.

the yin organ represented by earth energy is the spleen. little in western medicine is known about how important spleen energy is. the spleen is like the manager of everything we ingest into our body. it manages what we eat and drink and turns it into Qi for energy and blood for nourishment. good food and drink relaxes the spleen and it sends all good Qi up to the lungs to be used as energy and good food to the stomach to be dispersed to blood that nourishes our body. it also maintains our metabolism and keeps everything moving.

when the spleen becomes over burdened by excessive bad food or booze, or even excessive worry from daily life, it becomes taxed and has trouble transforming what it receives. it gets congested instead of providing nourishment and distention, fullness, lethargy accompanied by ponderous, obsessive and muddy thinking occurs. the mind becomes disoriented, easily distracted by scattered superficial and elusive thoughts. the body feels fatigued with lack of energy and strength. also, since the spleen manages metabolism and the blood, if your spleen is overtaxed a sure fire symptom is easy bruising because the spleen has problems holding the blood and bruises form easier.

the yang organ, the partner to the spleen of course is the stomach. instead of holding an transforming, it desperately tried to move all the back things out and all the good things into the body itself. they work hand in hand and stomach ailments most times originate from the spleen.

earth energy makes up the flesh of us and the condition of the spleen is the condition of the flesh. the more toned up we are the less taxed our spleen is and the more mushy we are the harder our spleen in working.

earth energy under no circumstances is all about bad food and worry, on the other hand it represents something very beautiful. the energy cultivated through earth is what brings all of us together as earth people. the emotions associated with this energy is compassion and singing is the communication. we all have a connection to each other on this earth because it is all our home and we have compassion for one another because we are all made of the same stuff. unbalanced earth energy could mean you've got a Buddha belly, but it also means that your heart is just as big as his. you have compassion and love for the people around you as well for the people of our earth. and singing, the correspondent sound of earth energy is and always has been what brings people together.

back in the day song is how storytelling began. its also how traditions began and people remembered their ancestors. singing brings us together through religious prayer, through chanting, through protest, and even if you don't know the words, even if your just humming. you feel like your connected to the people you are with. could be two other people. could be a stadium concert, could be a kirtan. it brings us together, as earth people.

the color correspondence is yellow and orange and as autumn comes, these are the colors that are becoming true in the earth and the leaves on the trees. its great to eat all the orange foods i love during harvest time. squash, pumpkin, sweet potatoes yum. if you have a bad imbalance your compassion can become obsessive with worry which can cause anxiety which taxes your spleen more so this time of year is a good time to start letting go of those extra pounds and extra beers to help your spleen ready for fall, the rise of metal energy and the idea of letting go.