i got a massage yesterday

like a real massage, not like a today were learning mysofascial release of the calf massage. like I'm gonna go pay, lay down and get a massage massage. granted i was at school. PS my school has a fully functional acupuncture clinic, with massage therapy and a herbal pharmacy. i did go to school cause you cant beat the price, but my friend Alicia hooked it up. she was amazing. i kind of thought i was being massaged by Whitney Houston. every five minutes or so, shed say "ya okay baby?" "ya okay honey?" and id just sigh happily and say uhhhhhhhhummmmmmm. it was delightful. when she would find a spot that was tight on me, i could feel her excitement. she would say "there it is baby" and i would giggle. at one point i almost thought she would scream "BOBBY BROWN!" but she didn't, she just worked me out. it was amazing. lately all this talk Ive been preaching about grounding, and earth energy and yoga and i felt, better, but definitely something was missing. and it was this woman's powerful hands. she inspired me so much to become that Whitney. become more in tuned. get more excited when i practice. i felt and still feel so much better. like a weight was lifted of my brain. all this Indian summer, i was trying to figure myself out. and all i needed was a good massage. i should have been practicing what i preach peoples.