my yoga practice

i went back to yoga for the first time since i got back from vacation yesterday and i so needed it. i go to a studio called laughing lotus in chelsea and i love it. Ive practiced there for six years, the space is great and i rarely have a class that doesn't satisfy me. the teachers are wonderful. each class starts with a chat meant to cultivate your practice and your life. somehow they always seem to know exactly what is goin on in my brain and let me know im not the only one going through problems in my life. the books there are divine, ive read half of them by now and when im done i get to eat a cookie. but the best thing about this place is that although i am familiar with some teachers and yogis, i dont speak to anyone. maybe a hello or a sentence or two but thats all. i walk in, i practice, i relax and i leave and i dont have to talk to anyone, or deal with anything. its like my own little oasis in the city.