my yummy grecian sandwich

so i found a version of this sandwich on the tv but decided to make it my own. it is sooo good and yummy and healthy and easy and did i say yummy? its yummy so here we go, your gonna need...

one celery stalk
one bell pepper
one onion
one eggplant
4 cloves garlic
feta or goat cheese
can diced tomato
salt pepper
red wine vinegar
olive oil

so you heat about quarter cup of olive oil in a skillet. once its all spitty at ya add a stalk of celery chopped all up. while your celery cooks, cut and add your pepper, while your pepper cooks, cut and add some garlic. while the garlic cooks, cut and add your eggplant. i say get a small eggplant cause it can be a little overwhelming, but thats just me. if your an eggplant girl throw as much as you want in. a pattern starts, while the eggplant cooks dice and add your onion. its very important to salt and pepper every time you add another veggie. okay so when all yur veggies are soft enough, add your diced tomatoes with the juices and some extra dried oregano.

how easy was that, your gonna wanna let the veggies simmer for about 20 minutes but keep an eye and stir every bit. meantime grab your ciabatta, slice it in half length wise. add two cloves of diced garlic and some olive oil over the top and place it in the oven at 400 degrees for about 5-7 minutes. you also should get your goat cheese out the fridge so by the time everything is done its at room temp and is easier to spread.

so after youve simmered for about 20, turn off the heat and add a little bit of sugar, about two tablespoons and about a quarter cup of red wine vinegar. once the bread is done take it out and spread your goat cheese over the bread. add the veggies and eat that sandwich. its so good. its got spice from all the veggies and oregano and sweetness from the vinegar and sugar and tangyness from the garlic int he bread and the goat cheese. its beautiful outside today and inspired me to make such a yummy summer grecian sammy!!