passing energy

lately i have been noticing a lot of energy transference in my life. among other things, massage in general can be an open field for giving energy to others and also for receiving it from others. this kind if stuff can be very intuitive but also very draining. when doing this kind of work and just being in your own life, if you leave yourself too open, your energy will get sucked out.

i am in a position right now that i want to be very giving to the people around me, and no nobody is stealing my energy like in some steven king tv show that scared the crap out of me when i was a kid and made me think there was a creature under my bed for like three years and if i didnt put up shields around my bed, he would suck out my brain while i slept. nothing like that, but maybe i had the right idea as a kid. of course the shields werent real, but i was mentally protecting myself from a force that might cause restless sleep, therefore steal my energy.

as a grownupish type person, i still need to set up mental shields so that i give all i can, but i protect my own internal burning bright. so, ive realized that being grounded as a person can really help you with your energy. if it has nothing to hold onto, its just floating about, and can easily be scattered, or spread out too thin, or float away. grounding myself keeps my energy strong and where it belongs.

the chakras are ancient energy centers that reside inside our bodys. they are said to resemble whirling vortexes of subtle energy and anatomically are associated with each major nerve plexus in the body.this energy translates to hormonal, physiological and cellular changes in the body, and basically controls what we do. the chakras are situated in a vertical line ascending from the base of the spine to the top of the head.

the base chakra sits at your sacrum and is the root for all energy. in sanskrit its called the Muladhara and it means support. Its associated with the color red and concerns itself with basic needs and survival. i often take for granted this chakra, but really that is why my energy is fleeting all over the place. not to take a detour through the chakras, another day, but if you arent rooted. i mean if your first chakra isnt in balance the rest of the chakras are thrown off. you can never really be balanced without paying close attention to your roots.

once you are grounded, your energy stays put and you are stable enough to really help others.

how can i strengthen my muladhara you ask? well i have been wearing sandalwood to help center my energy. patchouli is also just as effective. it grounds and centers while still leaving you feeling free and open. ive also been doing a lot of yoga. it has amazing grounding properties. being centered and focused immedietely helps my massage practice. being grounded physically helps me by keeping my energy rooted while i work and not leaving me depleted and tired after giving a massage. ive also been trying to just be more aware of myself physically and emotionally. taking an inventory of my posture, where my energy is, and how open and grounded i am and how grounded i could be. awareness is the first step to awakening your inner consciousness and there is no better place to start.