yesterday was the equinox

with all this talk about earth energy and grounding and centering myself it makes sense for it to be culminating up to the equinox. if you have an earth imbalance it flares up around the time associated with the energy, which is Indian summer and all the dojos or eqinoxes and solstices in the year. this Indian summer seemingly went away fast but has come back this week with some warmer weather. the equinox itself is a time of change. the time of day and night are the same as the sun passes through the equator. also the moon last night was fantastic. a book i read called between heaven and earth describes the earth energy we experienced yesterday as such:
as summer wanes and fall approaches, there is a hiatus.
a period in which time seems to stop and the glory of summer hangs suspended.
late summer marks the ascendance of the power of the earth,
the time of ripening,
when all that has grown and matured throughout spring and summer lies ready for harvest.
momentarily free of the cycle of birth, growth, decay and death, is a secure time
of peace and plenty during which we appreciate the flowering of our labor.

i wonderful time to experience the earth, but for me with some earth issues, im more checking on them than enjoying them. to review, i found this here chart. my body is somewhat spleen energy challenged.

Fortunately I joined a Pathology class yesterday that attempts to tell massage therapists how to balance out western style signs and symptoms with an Eastern Approach. I didnt have time for yoga yesterday so I was very excited to get some grounding exercises in.
They were very simple, and very effective. We did some Shiatsu acupressure along the Spleen and Stomach channels, the organs associated with earth energy. It was as simple as this. you can do it yourself or better yet, find a friend to help.

Your spleen channel starts on the inner side of your big toe and runs up the inner side of your leg and up through your gut. simple pressure from the toe to the knee on that channel, right inside the bone can release some diminished earth energy. same with the stomach. some gentle rocking and acupressure along this channel can release tension and discomfort associated with digestion. the stomach channel starts on the nose but, a large part of it runs through the gut and pops out on your quads. it runs all the way down the center of the quads, moves to the outside of the calf and ends at the end of your second toe.

After a short session of spleen/stomach manipulation I felt as grounded as if i had done an hour of yoga. it was lovely. i did however, promptly realize i had left my keys at home and remained locked out of my apt for the duration. thats my metal energy problem reminding me it wants love to. its all connected and needs its time. fortunately, were about to ramble into the time devoted to metal, and also my favorite time of year, autumn.