yoga poses for anxiety

well monday slapped me in the face this morning. while trying to figure out my week i felt very flustered this morning. and then a little anxious. then a little panicky. i had already decided to go to yoga to refresh and start the week off right but then i started getting flustered about getting to my yoga class. am i gonna make it? what am i wearing today? etc and it just seemed to get worse. i knew i needed something to calm me down so first i put some sandalwood on my third eye and sat down for an emergency yoga session. the poses i include below are the top yoga poses for calming anxiety quick. Yoga requires you to move and breathe slowly and consciously, habits that are proven to ease your body's reaction to anxiety. You'll also be lowering your heart rate and relaxing your muscles.

COBRA POSE its easy, its a heart opener, and you breathe through it. Lying flat on stomach rest your palms besides your shoulders. Holding the feet together and toes pointing away, push-up your head and chest gently off the ground with head lifted up fully. Breathing sequence is inhaling while pushing up and exhaling on the way back.

CHILDS POSE sometimes i want to hide in childs pose during my day. its comfy and its safe. With knees spread fully on the floor bend forward so much as to touch your belly to thighs and forehead to ground. Keep the hands fully stretched in front of you.

SEATED SPINAL TWIST I love this pose, its really hard to explain though. picture needed? im sure if anyone out there is reading my blog they know what it is, and if you dont, you should do more yoga, or ask me. im here.

these poses combines with deep breathing and some alternative nostril meditation should make you feel calmer and more in control. and relaxyer. have a good week folks. watch out for those mondays!!