chinese fire cupping

happy October everyone, its my favorite damn month ever. we are moving into the metal season of the year, autumn. this is a time to purge. throw away anything you don't need like a squirrel and only keep the things you need most at your side. its gonna be a long winter. this the time of year to make sure your body is in tip top shape so it wont fall prey to the external evil influences that the winter will bring. prevention is key. strengthening parts of your body that as a pattern have been more susceptible is the best thing for you right now. if you tend to gain weight, definitely cleanse out your digestive system. if you lose all your energy with the light. by all means detox your liver and kidneys with some apple cider vinegar, but if you are prone to sniffles and colds, the best thing for you is Chinese fire cups.

the concept goes back to around 281 ad. the cups were used in Taoist medicinal practices along side acupuncture to relieve tuberculosis. The cups were primarily made of bamboo or animal horns and would be used as follows. Light a fire and hold it inside the cup pulling all the oxygen from inside, quickly set the cup onto the patients back to reveal a grand suction of the skin. The cup can be used for many different things, but the concept of balance is the same wherever they are placed. Balancing the Yin/Yang equilibrium in the body keeps away disease and pain. Primarily used for Lung imbalances, place the cups on the back behind the lungs to suck out congestion and toxins.

There is a long meridian that runs down the back and several points are directly correlated to the organs that reside underneath it. These points, called The Back Shu Points are a direct line to an organ that could potentially be nourished or a victim of accumulated stress. By finding these points, you can balance any and all the major organs with your cups. I have used them on the Lungs for colds, on the Heart for anxiety, on the Liver for detoxing and on the Spleen for sluggish digestion.

Begin by a massage of the back and using an essential oil blend to moisten the skin. This is important for the easy removal of the cup. Once the cup is in place, it can stay for about 15 minutes to be totally effective. You can tell how well the cups are working by the color of the skin underneath the cup itself, With lots of toxicity, the skin will turn reddish purple as stuff comes to the surface, and the marks will stay for two or three days depending on the severity.

Cupping is also amazing for tight muscles. Instead of keeping the cup stationary, it can be moved in a gliding motion over tight muscles to reduce ischemia and bring blood back to tight muscles. I used them on my pop who has horrible arthritis in his shoulders. I cupped him and it brought range of motion back into his arm almost immediately. Be careful, the cups are very strong and can leave killer marks though. Sorry Marilyn. But overall they are a cheap effective way to keep yourself healthy. Im addicted, I love them.