craniosacral therapy

i finally went to my first craniosacral treatment yesterday. I was so excited to experience such an amazing thing and it did not disappoint. whats that you may ask. well ive been doing some research and its a lot of things. but its also this. there are rhythms embedded deep in our body, specifically our craniosacral system. this system is basically our brain and spinal cord and houses our central nervous system. so it starts up in the cranium and runs down to the sacrum, but has impulses everywhere in between. so inside your spine is your is a cerebral spinal fluid or CSF which acts like a buffer or cushion protecting your precious CNS from an uncaring and ununderstanding world. (80s movie reference, sorry) You can look at your CSF as the tide of your own personal ocean so to speak and with these ebbs and flows is a rhythm created inside your body that swims with your breath and your subconscious.

so, due to life and all, bad habits, trauma, grief, your rhythm falls into patterns. and maybe not the good kinds, maybe the kinds that wont let you let go of your grief or wont let you stop smoking, or dealing with your own stress in the same stupid unhealthy way every time it arises. maybe you cant break out of a cycle and become a better person even if you want to. any, all and many more subconscious patterns keep us from living to our full potential. and even if your mind is ready for a change, your body might not be so caught up. the rhythm that has been created deep within ourselves still plays over and over even after we consciously decide to change that up. when we get stressed out, the subconscious rhythm that weve been listening to releases the impulses to react the way we do. thats why its harder to stick to a diet, or kick the booze, or let go of someone weve lost. because its way deep down in our bones and our body doesnt know how to self correct it.

so what craniosacral therapists do is very subtle but powerful work of placing their hands ever so lightly on your body and listening to the "breath of life" inside of us. so for an hour i lay on a table while my therapist lightly touched places a long my skull and my spine, and i breathed, and my mind was fluttering around like crazy, and he was just tuning in to the rhythm of my body and my breath, trying to find the tension and the stuff im holding on to, and then let it go.

i wasnt quite sure what to expect or what i should do, but in the end it seemed to work. i didnt tell him much of anything about me when i met him, to see how much he could really gage from feeling my unconscious energy. it wasnt a flood of emotions at the end, i didnt cry or feel like a completely new person. but i do know that he knew where i am in my life and where ive come from and where i want to go. and he said my heart was open to it, and my mind was ready, but my body needed some time to follow. and he was right, and we talked about some very personal things and also touched on some very real parts of life and growing up. Love, fear, and death to name a few. and i felt open and moved and excited to keep up with the work. It is a process, your body cant just reprogram itself in an hour, but Ill go back. Yall should too. Thanks Erin so much for the recommendation.