crisp invigorating air

so, i dont know if you guys know how much i luuurve fall, but i do. i love it tons. im sitting at school in the library and i look over and this book is is sitting there, staring at me, longingly, waiting for me to open him and read him and love him. and i did. and i stole this from him. its amazing way to look at this time of year.

in autumn, the breath of a white tiger of the west is said to bring storms and cold winds. What can not be harvested drops to the ground and with the rains is washed back into the soil to fertilize the earth for the next year. Autumn is the time of letting go of what is no longer of value as well as taking in the bright, crisp invigorating air of the heavens. Autumn is full of red, gold, and rusty brown leaves falling to the earth. It is cold and fresh. We take in sharp inspiring breaths of the early morning air ans see the horizons through the empty trees. It is a time of the withering of life and the biting frosts as well as the open views of mountains and valleys. By letting go, we can see clearly again and with new vision.

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