lavender whiskey

i thought against writing this since this blog is supposed to be above such things as "spirits" but this is who i am and this drink was just too amazing. a friend of mine gave me a tip for this drink so last night i decided to try it. and let me preface by saying i have been trying all week to kick this cold that is desperately trying to get at me. ive tried everything, including but not exclusive to magnesium, zinc, cold buster smoothies from jamba, sleep, tons of water, herbs and the like but nothing was really kicking it out. finally i decided to just succumb to my old trick for kicking a cold. whiskey. I havent had whiskey in a long time, trying to keep it out of my lifestyle, but when you have a cold, its true. it works. i sit here writing this before you this morning sans cold. but this time instead of just shooting it, i made a wonderful hot toddy. with a little extra something.

last spring i was fortunate enough to visit Claremont Farms, an organic lavender farm in Los Olivos, California. And while there, with lovely friend, I bought some lavender essential oil and some fresh lavender flowers which I have been saving. Instead of heating up some water for a regular hot toddy, I infused the water first with the flowers.

Now lavender is the mother of all essential oils. The qualities that come from it are a mile long, and I was ready to experience all of them with my cocktail, First of all, lavender is the smartest of all oils in my opinion. It works so closely with your nervous system that it can tell whether or not you need to relax or invigorate yourself, and reacts accordingly. It harmonizes the whole system by inhibiting the parasympathetic or sympathetic functions according to your needs. It can assist in your unhealthy responses to stress like anxiety but wont inhibit productive stress which is a normal part of life. It will act as a sedative in conditions of mental and emotional agitation and unrest, calming the mind, comforting feelings and alleviating fears, while it is uplifting and revives the spirits for someone feeling emotionally depleted and depressed. Its also amazing for insomnia, migraines, and headaches. Lavender is also great for relieving symptoms of PMS in the ladies. Its also cooling and can clear heat, resolve fever, cool and overheated liver( balancing this drink i guess) and support and stabilize the heart. And if that wasnt enough, its also works to cool the skin for psoriasis and works as a natural insect repellent. But last but not least, its amazing for colds and respiratory problems. Its great for asthma and any sort of breathing problems. It also helps bring together higher and lower chakras in harmony with each other. Will all those lovely expressions in mind,

I infused the lavender flowers and mixed them with some honey, Jameson and lemon. Sipped it all night. Not only was it very calming without making me sleepy, it tasted AMAZING. Bye Bye cold.