yesterday in my yoga class, my teacher said, "pick a card, but dont look. close your eyes, the universe already picked it out for you." and i got Agni, the Hindu God of Fire. Figures, I thought. All my grounding energy that Im constantly trying to cultivate is add odds with a raging Fire element inside of me. They are literally mother and son. Any way another blog about that. But, it didnt surprise me that "the universe" would be showing me about her fire element inside of me. There are two fires in life, one that is uncontrollable and burns out on its own, and the one that is tempered and cultivated and brings love, celebration, and tradition into your life. I am trying to temper my fire, because I dont think that its in me to just put it out. But the more awareness I have of my fire element and its relation to my Earth element, the more I can balance the two out. Anyway, heres some interesting stuff about Agni.

In the beginning of the Hindu Faith, when the RigVedas were written, Agni was written about in the first hymn. His importance wasnt overlooked because of his importance to life itself. And in the 1000 or so hymns written, Agni is praised in over 200. He is the first son of Brahma and although throughout the Hindu history he has been overlooked by Vishnu and Shiva, when the Hindu world began he sat next to his two siblings, the Lord of the Heavens and the Lord of the Skies, and controlled what would eventually make him the Lord of the Sacrifice.

He is usually depicted with two or seven arms, riding a ram, and with two red faces. One face to symbolize his beneficial qualities, the other to represent his destructive ones. He also carries among other things Ghee, a clarified butter which he licks with seven firey tongues and burns during sacrifice. During these ceremonies, Agni would take the sacrifice and take it up to the Gods. Agni is the chosen priest, God, Minister of Sacrifice, he lavishes wealth and dispels darkness. He is powerful in his life and destruction of humanity, He takes on ten different forms including, lightning, tempered fire, fire for rituals and cremation, destructive fire, the fire inside of each one of us and even the sun itself. Mantras are given to him to keep away evil spirits by keeping the light burning.

Salutations and salutations,
To the holy flame of the lamp,
Which bestows on me all that is good,
Health as well as wealth,
And destroys all my enemies.

Shubham karothi kalyanam, aarogyam, dhana sampadam,
Shathru budhi vruddhi vinasaya deepa jyothi namo nama.