dia de los muertos

happy day of the dead everyone. it always feels like it to me every year, im always crawling out of my birthday halloween weekend for dear life by today. but today and tomorrows mexican festivities are actually more on a happy note than maybe me, still morbid, but happy. this celebration is about honoring the people you love that have passed out of this world by remembering them and throwing them a party. families flock to their loved ones graves, to clean them, decorate them and offer up small gifts to the ones they have lost. people bring, tequila, marigold flowers, and skulls made out of sugar. they eat, throw parades and dress up in honor of those they have lost.

there is a woman that is supposedly an embodiment of this spirit. her name is Catrina. She is the lady of the dead and is worshipped during the festival. Many pictures and figurines can now be found of the Catrina. She is a skeleton with a heart on her chest. The figurines can be man or woman and dressed up all kinds of different ways. The figurines are a symbol of the festival, and the fun and happiness that the afterlife can bring if your not afraid. I think I just made that up, but it sounds cool eh? Anyway, last year on my birthday I was in Mexico, and although I was back in New York in tome for a fabulous day of the dead brunch, I did bring back a skull carved out of wood and it sits on one of my bookshelves. So, today i took it down and put it on my coffee table. And I stared at it long and hard remembering my grandparents who are gone and I miss, and i felt better. And you really dont need a skull or a Catrina to remember your loved ones. But todays a good day to do it.