the ginger cookie that got away

i read something the other day about how horribly bad sugar is for us. like sugar addiction is the worst thing in the world to withdraw from. like sugar kills. sugar. sugar. i love me some sugar. its ridiculous. i cant keep orange juice in the house anymore because i chug chug chug it. sometimes i let myself go, but then i try and reel myself in from that sugar high and get a freaking hold of myself. i cant even bring myself to blog about how bad sugar is. thats how bad i got the sugar. i ate a walnut brownie on tuesday so when i got to the counter at the coffee shop on wednesday and saw that ginger cookie staring at me, i wanted it so bad but decided not to get it. even though i was ordering a soy mochachino at the same time. my brain sometimes, i swear. anyhoo. about a half hour later im in a car daring the lincoln tunnel traffic leaving new york on my way to baltimore for the holiday. ive got my coffee and my sandwich, im reading up on some timeout magazine when it hits me. car sickness. ive been getting car sick since i was a little girl, but i still try and convince myself that this time, i wont get nauseated. but i did, and were in the tunnel, and i dont like that i cant see anything but the tunnel and im trying to breathe through it but its taking over. and i think about that ginger cookie and bypass all the sugar and start thinking that if i had that cookie i would feel better. but really, in cases of motion sickness in general, ginger is probably the best thing for ya. it settles the stomach and starts working immediately. of course it doesnt have to be in cookie form, ginger chew or tea will work just as well. but of course being the sugar addict i am the cookie was the first thing on my list. but since i didnt have it i started thinking of other things to help me not jump out of the car in the middle of lincoln tunnel pre thanksgiving traffic and toss my hypothetical cookies all over the place. the second thing to think of if you find yourself in this situation is look in your bag for gum. among ginger, peppermint is also a stomach soother. however, it can be a double edged sword cause also in my research i heard that reducing your saliva also helps. eating bread or crackers is supposedly a great help. i started nibbling at my sandwich, it didnt seem to help too much so i kept thinking. finally, i remembered. pericardium 6. its a very powerful acupressure point that is known for relieving motion sickness. it not only suppresses rebellious qi, the kind that makes you feel sick, but it calms the heart and the spirit and helps you relieve anxiety. i started taking deep breathes as a held the point and a few minutes later started to feel better. this point is located on your wrist and can be accessed for all types of panicky, im gonna throw up instances. hold your palm face up. with your other hand measure two finger widths below the wrist crease. kind of like your taking someones pulse. two finger widths below the crease in the center of your arm is pericardium 6. i started zoning out. started trying to look at things far away instead of right in front of me like my article about james franco and him cutting his arm of in his new movie and finally started to feel better. thank god we almost ran out of gas and had to stop in jersey. i stepped out of the car and put my feet on the ground, but that point got me there in one piece.