the marathon man

yesterday i got this text at 6am. it was from the marathon man. he had completed the new york marathon the day before, and even though he had never met me, he heard from a friend that i could give him an emergency massage. 11 hours later he was on my table and i was trying to help him sleep. he said the night before after running the race, his muscles were so tight he couldn't even sleep. aint that a bitch after running 26 miles.

im doing a paper at school on ayurvedic massage. the Indian people, and me as well, believe in a thing called energy transfers. there is an interplay between people when your energy mixes with someone elses. its a clear interaction between each other. when someone is being massaged, their energy levels drop naturally, allowing relaxation and quiet meditation to move in. energy flows from higher to lower levels, so it is the responsibility of the therapist to keep an open, focused level of influence over the receiver. its the only way to make this transfer a healing one. If your mind as a therapist is wandering, distracted or distraught, your scattered energy will also be transferred to the receiver. And if your energy is not strong and focused you are susceptible to absorbing the negative energy coming off the receiver. this energy can be taxing mentally and physically. it can drain you after one session.

during my 90 minute marathon man session, most times he was passive and relaxed. but after a while he started to tell me about the day before. all about his experience, about the highs and lows and most importantly, the feeling of running with all those amazing people.

then i started to think of the impact of that energy transfter, and the amount of vibration in the air with everyone running together. and then i started thinking of that energy running into him, and then his energy running into my table and into my hands. and then he asked me how i wasnt tired after massaging for so long and all i could think was how could i possibly be tired with the energy of 35000 people in my hands?

and it was one of the most profound and amazing massages ive ever given.