so im a pitta

ive been researching about ayurvedic massage for a project at school, and i inevitably started reading about the doshas. ayurvedic medicine is similar in a lot of ways to traditional chinese medicine and the doshas are a great example. and what got me to thinking of all of this was energy anyway. in the five element theory in chinese medicine, there are 5 elements that make up everything. earth water wood metal fire. the hindus had the same idea, little different though their elements are earth water fire ether air. bit the elements still make up the universe, you, the dog, and me. the combination of the ayurvedic elements or prakruti are what make three doshas. each as a different personal constitution. Once we know what doshas are dominant in us, we know what our balanced state should be. This is extremely important because with this knowledge we are able to notice when the body goes out of balance and we know how to bring it back to balance. Since we are little beings of nature and are made of the same 5 elements, we can use the opposite elements to bring us back to balance.

right, so im a pitta. the others are kapha and vata. without getting too far into it lets just say the kaphas are the nurturers of the world and they have the power of construction. the vatas are the movers of the world, they have the power of movement, and the pittas are the doers, they have the power of transformation.

in ayurvedic massage, the kind of oil you use depends on a lot of things, but namely it has to do with your dosha. pittas are usually hot, so coconut oil is primarily used for its cooling properties. pitta people usually have red, coppery or yellowish hair. there skin is fair and soft but also prone to breakouts, rashes and eczema and psoriasis. green gray or brown eyes mostly but always very sharp. pittas have a strong metabolism, good digestion, and resulting strong appetites. they take in lots of food and liquids ans are usually a medium or athletic build. they like sweet bitter and cold things. they are almost always warm. they dont like sweaty hot agh! weather. there intelligent, sharp but can be judgemental and bossy. when imbalanced, they can become controlling, destructive, impatient, critical of themselves and others and they smell bad. and dont overlook that smelling thing. they really do smell. the extra heat thats usually coursing through a pitta body makes them super smell when there out of balance. since the pitta manages digestion and metabolizing the body, that can make you smell. having extra heat making you sweat can make you smell. i wont elaborate more than i already seem to have, but it happens. BUT, on the upside, their elements are fire and water, and they have the power to transform.

the coconut oil used on a pitta could start to heal them, but many other components go into the oil as well. herbs and essential oils are added into each blend for whatever is out of balance. some are made for colds, some for stress. the oil used for vatas is usually sesame oil. it produces more heat for the cold and wind prone vata. the kapha oil is usually mustard oil which relieves stiffness associated with the kapha constitution. the blends for pitta usually involve adding sandalwood, which not only is very calming for a hot tempered pitta but also very cooling as well.

ayurvedic massage is similar to swedish in its strokes and oils. however the sequence is very specific. starting at the hips, you must immediately work down the back of the legs to ground them. afterwards reflexology is performed to further balance the body. afterwards, stroke up the back through the chakra centers. the chakras unfortunately can not be manipulated by massage, but they can be influenced by changes in body chemistry and reduction of tension. the ayurvedic massage tries to access marmas that are out of balance which are similar to acupressure points and even a map of tender points where tension accumulates in western massage.

but jeez why am i telling you all this? well i got to thinking that there is a little bit of pitta in everybody, and they are the transformers of energy in the universe. the earth and the fire. and the energy in the universe can not be made or destroyed. so we all have the power inside us to transform ourselves at any given moment. thats the fire, the energy inside of us burning. but we need to be grounded first, in the earth to make a change that is worth something and long lasting. grounding ourselves and having the energy and drive to change gives any and all of us the power to transform any thing we dislike in our lives to something more profound and positive. we just have to tap into ourselves enough to find it.