opening your third eye on xmas

your eyes are not mistaken, that is Peekablue from She Ra: Princess of power, circa when i was bratty little girl. but really Brandi, how did you get to a Peekablue reference on Xmas? Maybe this mini Xmas tour of what Ive been doing lately will figure this mystery out. First, off I geeked out my cat on catnip.
I felt bad because I made a whole Xmas Turkey brunch on Sunday and forgot to give her any. So shes pretty much looked like that all week. Merry Xmas Lola! Sorry there no trains to cat island for the holiday.
Inside my fridge, you will see said turkey thawing out for brunch. why turkey for brunch you might ask? Why not I might say. This lovely ten pounder was stuffed with onions and thyme and of course draped with bacon before entering the oven. I also used fresh herbs and sausage to make a nice addition to my stuffing. To make the sausage nice and sweet i added a splash of white wine. And as you can see, the monkey has it. The holidays is also about friends and I had a lovely dinner at Lil Frankies in the village last weekend and my friend presented me with a monkey wine warmer. Thats real friendship, cause thats me to a tee. So what does one do at a Xmas Turkey brunch while waiting for your bird to roast? Gingerbread houses of course! But since times are hard sometimes, we decided to make faux houses with graham crackers and sprinkles. Mine was a trailer park gingerbread house, complete with rabbit antennas to get free Tv.
And it really wouldnt be xMAS without some specials on the tube. Ive watched it all this year, ELF, Scrooged, Charlie Brown, The Grinch who stole Xmas, even old SNL reruns with Dan Akyroyd selling kids pieces of glass for the holiday. But nothing seemed to be complete until He Man She Ra Xmas. It was so bizarre too. I felt like I couldnt even keep up with all the robots and wizards and dinosaurs and space Christmas. But when all was in doubt, HeMan and Shera went to see Peekablue.
Peekablue is, and this is from an official site, " a rebel with peacock feathers that can see in all directions" She represents a goddess who can open up her blue feathers and see the truth. She has seven feathers, that right seven completely corresponding to the seven energy center Chakras in the body. Each feather has an "eye" on the end and when all feather eyes open, the one above her head maybe seemingly being her "third eye" opens. This is similar to the path needed to open up all the chakras to achieve peace. The website goes on to say that she represents "light" in a human form, which is the seventh chakra and ultimately, enlightenment.

now im not really looking into this and seriously yeah, its just a cartoon but id throw something light and funny myself atchya during the season, and really i just wanted to show yall my pictures. im going home tomorrow to the mountains to see my old friends and family and i cant imagine being happier even in such unsettling times as my own life as well as society's. i believe in that faith, of light and hope, and i just really wanted to wish all yall a happy holiday.