san marzano tomatoes

are the best tomatoes in the world. and im not a fan of tomatoes. over the years i have learned to appreciate them in certain forms. whenever i make a sauce like a ragu or a stew and it calls for crushed tomatoes ill throw some in, but with some bacon or sausage or something i really like to offset the tomatoes in there. and then one day i picked up a can of san marzano tomatoes and everything changed. im still weird about tomatoes. but every once an a while ill crave san marzano tomatoes and have to make something, anything with a canned tomato component. today was one of those days. i read somewhere or heard somewhere about an easy sauce with peeled tomatoes, fennel, garlic and a scoop of marscapone cheese. and here i am at the grocery store with fennel in my hand on my way to the tomato aisle. and the funny thing is, is that i dont even know really what a fennel is. i know weird stuff about it like its seeds help digestion, prometheus used it to steal fire from the gods, and theres a lot of it in absinthe, but not actually what you do with it. similar to a few weeks ago when i caught myself putting a parsnip in my soup with no prior knowledge of what it was either. ps: its like a carrot. but i wanted those tomatoes.

im guessing its like an onion. its bulby, or like a radish or a potato or i have no idea. but i get home, cut the ends off, cut up the bulb and throw it in the frying pan with salt and pepper, olive oil, said garlic and thyme. after they soften i finally added the tomatoes. you can get a 140z can, or the biggest can you can find and save the rest for next craving. right at the end add a spoonful of marscapone cheese. it made a handsome sauce. meanwhile i had no focus for the rest of the meal and had made chicken, an arugula salad, and some fresh goat cheese ravioli. so i just poured the sauce over everything and ate it as one. i wouldnt recommend eating it like that, though it was good, but i would recommend the tomatoes.

and the fennel. i still dont know what it was, i looked it up and it seemed to be a duck billed platypus of a vegetable, having no other kind. if anyone has any information on this elusive fennel bulb please contact me here, but either way, good stuff. tomatoes.