curry chicken salad

ive been eating winter foods a lot. pasta, proteins, soups but i wanted something light, but still warming. curry is a warming Indian spice and can be used in almost anything. my recipe is simple and takes five minutes to make

large can of chicken: and i know there are some sceptics on canned chicken. i only use it every once and a while and for certain occasions and this is one of em. you are more than welcome to used any kind of chicken you please. but for a simple and quick solution for chicken salad. go to trader joes and get a can. its organic and without preservatives and additives and yucks.

a lime
2tsp honey
2 tbsp curry
3 tbsp mayo
1 tsp ginger

mix some arugula with a lemon and a tbsp of olive oil and serve the curry chicken over the arugula. meanwhile toast some crushed almonds and serve over the top.

its simple. light but warming, healthy and the sweetness of the honey is perfect with the bitter arugula. yummers.