Kali Ma

Kali is the divine mother. Shes the goddess of death and destruction. She also live is your third chakra. This story is one of a demon named Raktabija. He forged a great battle and Durga called for help. One version says that Kali sprung from her head. Her black skin represents the womb of the quantum unmanifest from which all of creation arises and into which all of creation will eventually dissolve. Durga felt the battle was hopeless because as the battle forged on all the blood shed dropping to the ground became more minions of the demon. Kali drunk the blood of the demon, draining him like a vampire and destroyed him and his followers. However she became drunk on the blood and started destroying everything. She went on a death bender and collected the heads of any one she crossed. Finally, Lord Shiva, her lover came to the scene and threw himself under her feet for he knew his love was the only thing to stop her. In embarrassment, she stuck out her tongue and calmed the hell down. Little thing, talking to the beau today about Kali and he told me that the famous rolling stones tongue comes from the goddess as well. huh!

Kali means black and she rules the third chakra. The goddess of destruction, she lives there to destroy the ego. She destroys ignorance and attachment and gives unconditional love. She is also known as the kindest and loving of the Hindu gods and her fire comes from protecting the universe.

In her right hands she makes mudras representing fearlessness and in her lefts a sword, signifying divine knowledge and the head is the ego itself. Her three eyes represent the past, present and future because she devours time. Shes beautiful and intense, and her power is something to visualize whenever you need extra third chakra power!