my first day of school

i started my last semester at pacific college of oriental medicine last week. it is amazing how far i have come. i am so happy with everything i have experienced. so i found this notebook lying around in my notes and randomly picked it up to take to school instead of buying another one. so when i opened it i realized it was my first notebook from my first class way back when in 2008. it was my Chinese philosophy course and my teacher whose name was david miller kind of vanished into the mist after he taught this class and i have never seen him again. i think he went to china. he was a badass. anyway i thought i would share experts from the notes that i took during this first day. no wonder i love this school.

on facial analysis

if a person looks up and to the right, they are remembering a real place, like a visual memory.

if a person looks up and to the left, they are lying. because they are creating something while they speak to you

if a person looks down and to the right, they are remembering something physically. like there remembering a memory through something they hear or smell.

read the private life of chairman mao

upon a little looking around a found out this book published in 1994 is about the doctor of mao zedong. the ruler of China from 1954 for 22yrs until his death. it supposedly is a wonderful insight to the political and personal times of China during a time of change.

baird spalding has a camera that watches your spirit leave your body

he was an American author who wrote a series of books called: life and teaching of the masters of the far east.

on music:
a perfect fourth is "here comes the bride"

Bolda perfect sixth is "my bonnie lies over the ocean"

a perfect fifth are the soldiers chant from the wizard of oz

on meditation:

to truly meditate you should truly be present. in a true present state. thats where you are, thats where your body is, thats where your god is. the only thing thats not present is your mind.

read walt whitman

on astrology:
whats the deal with the big dipper?
when it points east, its spring
when it points south, its summer
when it points west, its fall
when it points north, its winter.
this happens only in the northern hemisphere.

this was all on the first day, before we delved into the history of Chinese medicine itself and the overviews of the Yellow Emperor, Fu Xi and the discovery of the Ba Gua or Shen Nong, who founded Chinese herbology. Maybe someday ill share my notes from the second day of school There, while not as scattered and interesting, are just as cool.