the oils you should be wearing this season

this winter is brutal. its cold as hell and we need to take extra special care of ourselves right? these essential oils are the most important ones to use during this season to help you make it out alive.

this resin is very strong and very effective. its a base note so its extra important to dilute it in a carrier oil before applying it directly to the skin. another great way to feel its effects is definitely a bath, its great for promoting healthy skin and banishing wrinkles. Frankincense opens up the heart. It also goes straight to the Kidneys, giving them extra nourishment. The kidneys could always use extra love, but they are most receptive and vulnerable in the winter and need extra special care in the winter. Frankincense is great for setting personal boundaries, getting over the past, and beating out your own personal fear. Its great for promoting the free flow of Qi. Stagnation of Qi can cause irritability, restlessness and insomnia. Its also great for aiding meditation and contemplation. Winter is the most Yin of all seasons and is the best time to quiet the mind. Frankincense also can help cut ties to the past, especially when they are blocking personal growth. This oil, as with all that are mentioned can be put anywhere but actually, a good suggestion for an effective point would be Heart 7. Heart seven is on the palm side of the wrist crease call the way over towards the pinky. This point is called Shen Men and helps with subduing anxiety and insomnia. It strengthens the critical relationship of the kidneys to the heart.

tea tree.
i usually burn this oil into the air whenever i start to feel sick.. its great for boosting your immune system and strengthening your Wei Qi. Your Wei Qi is a form of Qi that lives on the superficial aspect of the body. its there to protect from Evil Pernicious Influences like Wind and Cold. tea tree is recommended for problems with the lungs such as asthma, bronchitis and dry coughs acquired during the winter. It finds the cold or the wind trying to invade the body and disperses it out before we can get sick. Kindey 27 of the Shu Fu. It is on the upper chest right underneath the clavicle bone right where it meets the sternum. It relieves chest congestion, coughing, depression and breathing difficulties and also nourishes your lil Kidney.

you have been my best friend lately. cold and wind usually enter the body from the back of the neck. that's why scarfs are super important. even if the evil influences dont penetrate your skin. they can sit on it making it a lot easier for you to get a stiff neck or tension headaches in the cold. my shoulders have been really tight lately and peppermint does the trick in loosening up some of the shoulder and neck muscles. peppermint is a top note that goes to the lungs and the liver. its also very strong so dilution is very important. Its the best essential oil for releasing the neck and shoulders. It also promotes Wei Qi and moves stagnant Liver Qi. Peppermint also dispels pride. It is essential for not only clearing the head of phlegm, but of feelings of inferiority. It stimulates the mind through the body and the heart. This oil is great for a steam. If you feel clogged up or tight, drop a few drops in some steaming water to open up the respiratory system completely. Another point to apply some extra peppermint has to be Gall Bladder 20 or Feng Chi. These points are in the two little holes right underneath the occiput of the skull.

I think Im coming down wtht something. I have been so cold and so tired and that in a way is normal for winter. you should hibernate, restore your Kidney Qi and await the spring. But dont let it get away from you. Protect yourself with these oils and you can see a light at the end of the winter tunnel.