this cupcake turned me into a ghostbuster

you guys, ive been doing my best to not eat the sugar but this cupcake blew my mind and i fell off the wagon last night. only just for a moment. i felt i had been doing a marginally good job. confessionally i had a little whiskey in my tea last week cause my throat hurt and during a romping sugar filled brunch night that included sugary fruit salad cookies browines and yes even a freaking cotton candy machine(dont even ask) i manages to only slip with some champagne and orange juice. it was brunch. but last night, rj brought me this cupcake. and he knows im off the sugar but he was trying to be nice. he said it was spelt and he knows i like spelt. and you said you werent going to judge yourself. i said i didnt know how i felt about a cupcake being in the house as he put it into the fridge. still reveling from my mimosas two days prior i found myself staring into the kitchen almost immediately. you guys it was really horrible. rj had been home maybe a half hour before i went into the kitchen to just "taste" it. i had one bite, and it was completely over. not only did it taste good, turns out it was the best cupcake i think i have ever tasted. and i dont think its just becuase i hadnt been eating sugar. it really was that good.

by the time rj came back from the loo i had eaten the entire thing. i was just standing in the kitchen holding an empty box. he looked at me like i was off my rocker. i felt like dan akyroyd from the ghostbusters. "i couldnt help it" as the stay puft marshmellow man of sugar roars in to destroy me. and i really couldnt help it. it was so amazing i didnt even save any for rj. not a crumb. not a nothing. "i couldnt help it" "it just popped in there"

only after i scarfed it, did i even look at the box. and the box slowly made me feel marginally better about myself. the box not only did it say that the cupcake was gluten free. it was also organic. sweetened only with agave nectar. it was soy free and dairy free. it was pretty much the healthiest cupcake i could ever eat. okay. thats better. a little better. so i looked up these cupcakes today and they are available in new york and la. sorry southerners, they are called babycakes cupcakes and they live in bakery on the lower east side. there better than magnolia. there better than butterstreet. there better than everything. if i had to choose the form of a destructor that would come to new york and destroy me it would be a babycake vegan chocolate cupcake. please stop what your doing and go get one, if you feel like your in a fix. or need out of a fix. or back in a fix.

so today is a new day, im not going to go out and continue my sugar binge even though i really want to. and telling all of you about my set back and putting down in words my renewed pledge against it begins. i do believe my next entry will be more about sugar addiction and how it is related to third chakra imbalances. apparently my road to third chakra balancing is still a path im walking.