a users guide to the chakra system

i just finished this wonderful book by anodea judith called wheels of life. it was amazing. i had read a book of hers before but this one was a lot more practical in terms of realization, cultivation and both mental and physical exercise. as you probably know, the chakras are energy centers in the body and are represented through the western world as nerve centers that live in your nervous system. from an eastern perspective they represent so much more than that. balancing your chakras and cultivating and therefore unblocking the energy in each chakra will bring you closer to enlightenment or any simple peace your looking for in life. but, you must start from the ground up, the first chakra and move up from there. this book is a straight forward journey that takes you through every chakra. it tells you what is needed to strengthen and balance each chakra, gives you examples and reasons for unbalanced chakras and, at the end of each section gives you mental and physical exercises via yoga and breathing that help to balance each one. it is a wonderful way to discover the potential that is lying dormant in yourself and gives you the understanding and confidence to unlock the energy centers in your body. its awesome. i recommend it to any and all.