finding your breath

a couple of years ago i went on a yoga retreat to Greece. it was an amazing experience. we stayed in Santorini for a week and had two yoga classes a day, one first thing in the morning. my friend and yoga teacher Audra and i shared a room directly beneath the roof where we practiced. the island of Santorini is quite amazing in its own right, but experiencing it this way made it beyond something i could wrap my head around.

thats me over there. getting up at seven every morning, doing yoga and then going downstairs for greek coffee and eggs. the day was filled with swimming, shopping, relaxing, and then another class before the sunset. and Santorini has the best sunsets in the world. im not kidding, i think they have a patent on it.

a few years ago i was in Mexico and found myself doing the same thing. 8am yoga on the beach with my best friend Cassie followed by swimming and napping doesn't sound too bad either.

these people and places make me very happy, and yoga will make me get out of bed before anything else. it doesn't matter how early, but Ive realized lately that although its amazing to do yoga on a beach or overlooking the Mediterranean, you can get up and grab that little bit of heaven anywhere, even Brooklyn.

for the past few weeks i have been doing morning exercises when i wake up before i do anything else. i haven't set a routine or a time limit for myself. i just do whatever feels good, and my brain isn't awake enough to start judging, it just does what feels good. most mornings i do light stretches like yoga, or some third chakra straightening like pilates. other mornings ill do a walking meditation like my Qi Gong, or sometimes Ill just sit. I believe that the only thing that is important is that I am finding my breath. Concentrating on calming, clearing, breath first thing in the morning sets an intention for your entire day. It is a little amazing how effective it has been for me in such a short amount of time, but Ive found myself a lot calmer and happier throughout my day. And when I do start to freak out, I breathe into my nervousness, I see it, and then I breathe it away. Dont get me wrong, I would love to be in Mexico right now, but being able to find peace inside yourself can be done anywhere and all you need is your breath.