the heart set

tomorrow i get to go to my Qi Gong class. It makes my Fridays. It is a perfect way to start the day especially in the winter. this is an adaptation of the set we are studying called "the heart set." According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, and bears, winter is a time for deep reflection, hibernating and rest. During the earth’s coldest and darkest time, it is in our nature to withdraw and reflect upon ourselves. When you’re chilled to the bone, you seek solace inside with your friends and your family. Within the five element system, winter is associated with water. Water is powerful, intriguing, and always moving. It makes up most of our body and nourishes us with circulation and lymphatic flow. This flow lives in our blood and Qi and during the Yin time of winter can become stagnated in the body when we are dormant. During this quiet time of the year, subtle forms of energy cultivation such as Qi Gong will help nourish Qi and keep it moving, without wasting the energy you are trying to store.

Winter is also associated with the Kidney, which holds the Essence or the original Qi. This Essence is passed on from your parents and lives in the kidneys. Technically speaking, it’s like our pilot light. Preserving this Qi is important to living a long and healthy life. The kidneys are particularly sensitive during the winter months and nourishing them is extra important. Practicing Qi Gong releases Evil Qi that enters the body as wind and cold and causes disease, and nourishes the Essence creating vitality. The breath work and focus quiet the mind and induces a subtle meditation.

You can choose any season to begin cultivating your own spirit and you can practice this art of meditation and movement at any season, but the tender relationship between Qi Gong and the winter is essential for keeping a strong mind body connection, preventing and treating illness and bringing balance and peace to your life.