my lazy salad

i came home tonight and was sprucing up for a study group and i decided to try and attempt dinner before i hunkered down. there were some mini potatoes living on my fridge so i decided to roast em up. i put some aluminum on a baking sheet and sprayed with some nonstick spray, then i cut the mini potatoes up into little pieces and drizzled em with olive oil and salt and pepper threw em in the over 450 degrees for about 25 minutes. about ten minutes left, i put a bowl of butter on the stove to melt. just a dab, like an eighth of a stick. whenever its melted put about a teaspoon of paprika and cut up some fresh flat leaf parsley. however much ya like really. when the potatoes come out move them into the bowl, add the parsley, season and stir. drop in the butter mix and stir it all together.

so after i made it, it looked really good. but i started thinking should i just eat potatoes for dinner? i should really eat a salad too but i dont wanna make another vinaigrette. or get out another bowl. or anything really. so i just decided to put a salad on top of the potatoes cause i was being lazy.

so i go back to the fridge and i got out a handful of arugula, some goat cheese, and a half a lemon. i put the arugula, a lilgoat cheese and juiced the lemon over the potatoes. and then mixed all THAT together and ate that as one thing. And it was gooooood. It was all in one, next time all I need is bacon. its my lazy salad.