releasing you iliopsoas

i know, my what? well that bowl looking thing is called your iliacus and that long thing above it is your psoas and they pretty much run the game on hip flexing. so if you really dont know what they are, you prolly dont know your putting them through the ringer, right now, as you sit here. its easy to tighten up your hip flexors and they get pretty tight. your hips are flexing right now while you sit here and read this. driving, sitting and surfing the web all tighten up the psoas. but when you sit for too long without getting up, the psoas doesnt seem to wanna lengthen that extra bit once you do get up. thats why its so important to give yourself a break and walk around or stretch out during a long day in from of your computer, or even better a long drive to the ocean. if you poke at those bones on the front of your hips, and then go in very deep inside the lip of the hip, you find the hip flexors.

the psoas is a power muscle and it doesnt mess around. if it gets tight, it tips the front of your pelvis forward pulling on your low back causing pain. a tight psoas is a super villain for low back pain. you get a long curve on your lumbar spine pulling the low back muscles, it also makes your but stick out. if your trying to get some power exercises done and your crunching it up, make sure your back isnt coming off of the ground. if you feel your back straining next time you try and kill that beer gut, your not using your abs! You are incorrectly using your psoas and not strengthening your core at all. check it.

on another level, the psoas runs through the first second and third chakra centers. stress in that muscle can not only put your muscles outta wack, but your energy as well. the emotional disturbances caused by first chakra imbalances is fear and a tight psoas can harbor it. It brings the torso and the legs together, an action usually associated with a "fear reflex" something we do when we are afraid is curl up into a little ball. If we arent grounded with a strong first chakra, we cant become more emotionally grounded or spiritually in tune. i put a few of many examples of yoga poses below that can open up and release tension in your hip flexors promoting a lose low back, better posture and best of all, extra courage!!

this is a goody. COBRA POSE. i ususally schwing through these during yoga warmups, but next time lets try and slow it down a bit and really feel the stretching in the hips. or, you could watch TV like that. just make sure to keep your shoulders back.

this is my personal favorite. PIDGEON POSE. this pose is amazing for psoas and also gives you a scanning assessment of what other leg and hip muscles might be tight as well. pidgeon pose got me more in tune with my sartorius( for another day) and got me into keeping all ten toes on the ground to better my posture. its all related from the toes up ya know.

BOW POSE always makes me feel great. Not only does it open up my psoas, but my back and shoulders too. the space in between the shoulder blades needs extra love too. or if you wanna be a badass, you could flip this pose over and do a wheel. it opens up your psoas and blasts out all your chakras at the same time!!

triangle pose, tree pose, and camel pose are also great for the psoas. awareness is the first step to a healthier you. so now that you know what the iliopsoas is, and even if you did before, take an extra five minutes to be nice to yourself and stretch it out.