Spleen 6

after my meditation this morning, i put some rosemary oil on spleen 6. its super easy to find, especially great for the ladies, but works for anybody really. you can always love on your spleen. find your medial malleolus( the inside part of your ankle bone) and move three finger widths above it on the inside of your calf. press this spot, not with a force, but with an intention to relieve the following symptoms. spleen 6 is a major point on the body to tonify and nourish the blood and Yin, calm and cool the whole body, and strenghten the Spleen for digestion, the Liver, and the Kidneys, which are most at risk for depletion in the winter. Its actually a point in your body where the Liver, Spleen and Kidney channels all meet. Spleen 6 resolves dampness in the body which can leave you all phleghmy and smooths the flow of Qi and Blood, removing stagnation and alleviating lady cramps. Its a really great point to hit when you just feel tired. It nourishes the spleen so it helps if you have gas or rumbles in your stomach from bad eating habits. It also treats insomnia and restlessness, and itchy skin. It made me feel much better.