whats in my shower

lve been looking into which products are chemical free and trying to weed the ones out of my bathroom that are potentially icky and harmful to my skin. ive come up with a good winter line up of products that are all natural and good for me. ive run the gambit from things youve probably used before, old school standbys and a few things i made myself. if you make it yourself your sure its not toxic. so heres what i got in my shower this season.

Noxzema: the only product i have and still use that works for my skin and has no harsh chemicals or irritants. maybe its so old and they hadnt thought up chemicals back in the day.

Organic Natures Gate Clary Sage and Lemongrass Body Wash: I was very disappointed to see Sodium Lauyl Sulfates in what I thought was a nice inexpensive herbal shampoo. But apparently my "Calming Tea Tree Shampoo" was doing anything but calm my scalp. Thankfully with shoppers becoming smarter about their products, Natures Gate has put out a brand new line of "Organic" products and theyve left all the sulfates out. This body wash is particularly nice because of the extracts put inside.
  • Clary sage is known in Traditional Chinese Medicine for nourishing your Yin. Winter time is a time to pay attention to your own Yin qualities. The qualities that you should pay attention to in the winter include resting more, sleeping and doing things that replenish your spirit. Quiet meditation and yoga nourish the Yin. Clary Sage is great for the nervous system and combating anxiety, stress, and depression. It uplifts without disconnection and is also known for encouraging vivid dreams.
  • Lemongrass is great in the winter especially because it is known to relieve joint discomfort. The winter wind can get stuck in your body causing your bones to ache when its cold.
Juniper and Olive Oil Sea Salt Scrub: I use this whenever my skin needs a little extra attention. The juniper oil brings skins impurities to the surface of the skin and detoxifies imperfections including cellulite. Just mix a few tablespoons of oil into a cup of salt. Add some juniper essential oil and a few drops of food coloring and set into the shower to use once a week.

Patchouli and Lavender Shampoo: This was easy to make too. Infuse some lavender flowers as a tea on the stove for an hour or so and then strain. Take equal parts lavender water and castille soap. I added some patchouli oil because its great for irritated skin and also alleviates anxiety. Its also perfect for people trying to be more in tune with their bodies. In TCM it also tonifies Spleen Qi which can keep us from having energy, especially in the morning.

Burts Bee's Grapefruit and SugarBeet Conditioner: I love my shampoo cause theres no irritation on my skin and it smells great, but sometimes itll leave my hair superclean. Like when youve just washed your car window and it sqeaky. So its really important to condition afterwards. Grapefruit extracts are perfect for the beginning of the day. It smells amazing and the grapefuit is naturally uplifting and energizing in the morning. Its cooling, cleansing, and decongesting. Its also beneficial for an overheated liver which you can get from a sugar, greasy foods or boozing. It relieves liver Qi stagnation and sluggish lymphatic systems.

Its definitely helping me through this harsh winter and hopefully can inspire you. Get those nasty products out of the cabinet and make your own. Its easy and fun.