baths and the second chakra

ahh the weekend. how i love it. brunch and target. thats all i need. i went to acupuncturist on friday to check in with myself. i have been feeling really good on my cleanse. been feeling focused and full of energy but i have had some discomfort in the digestion area. my acupuncturist told me that the cleanse, while it might be fine on my liver its making my spleen cry. i have a really sensitive spleen. probably caused from years of craptastic eating and sugar loving. i had neglected its sensitive nature with all of my herbs and it retaliated by giving me some tummy troubles. with the advice of my acupuncturist, who is also a certified herbalist, i stopped taking them for my last two days but continued with my diet, lots of water, and relaxing and being more in tune with my body. it was a little disheartening to find that even though all the herbs were natural, that my body still wasnt in a place to be able to properly deal with them, but that pity party lasted two seconds. i am now just more determined to be better to myself, my body and my poor little spleen. i see more orange food in my future. great for little spleeners.

so word to the wise, even when you are informed, listen to your body. if something seems off you should consult someone. i am very lucky to have a great acupuncturist who i can talk to.
just a little shout out, for anyone in the new york area. heres a link to her website. shes a gem.

so what did i do with my saturday? more things that help me stay in tune with my first chakra. meditative cleaning. i didnt make that up im just trying to clean that way, some light yoga, a little qi gong, and finally after a week of promising and never actually doing it. i took a freaking bath.

in the theme of keeping in touch with your lower chakras its really important to use water as a cleansing agent for your whole body and expecially your second chakra. one thing i know will not upset my body is water. i notice my skin looks better and I just feel better. cultivating habits of self nurture by immersing yourself in water is great for cleanses. second chakra problems include sexual dysfunctions, fibroids, menstrual problems, cancer, IBS, sciatica or bladder and urinary problems. Baths, listening to ocean sounds and yoga that opens your hips are great for it. Water heals shame that can be associated with second chakra imbalances. You can run a bath and when in it imagine guilt dissolving away with the sea salt. Just imagine letting go in general. I made and gave out a lot of different baths for xmas and have been meaning to share them with you. and since i actually experienced one last night, this seemed like the right time

Calming Sea Salt Bath: Mix half a cup of sea salt with half a cup of kosher salt and a quarter cup of baking soda. Add 8 drops of Sandalwood oil to calm and nourish your first and second chakra.
Sandalwood is the best oil for stopping the minds chatter.

Unwinding Salt Bath: Mix half a cup of kosher salt and a half a cup of epsom salts and add a few drops each of some bergamont, lavender and chamomile. these oils reduce anxiety, calm the heart and relax the muscles.

Relaxing Salt Bath: Mix half a cup of kosher salt with half a cup of epsom salts. This bath caters to sore muscles and impending colds. Add a few drops each or any that you have of tea tree, peppermint or eucalyptus with frankincense. Nourishes your lungs and your kidneys. As well as easing muscle tightness and aiding in immunitive Wei Qi.

It felt amazing. Also dont blow over moisturizing your skin either, especially after a salt bath. The salt itself bring up toxins through the skin. After it works out like that be sure to give it some love. having soft and nourished skin always makes me feel better. They were easy and inexpensive xmas presents and the fact that you made it yourself ups up the love factor. Have a wonderful Sunday folks. Have a wonderful spring.