cleansing herbs

yeah exactly what are those? going on a cleanse can be misleading. and there are a lot of different kinds. and i guessed by now i am not going on one of those crazy maple cayenne master cleanses. nothing against them, but i cant see myself doing one. but i wanted to cleane but also know what i was ingesting and for reals i didnt want to be that girl who pooed herself on the subway. i wanted a nice clean cleanse that is filled with herbs and vitamins. i didnt want to be filling myself with harsh laxatives or some kind of diet pill giving me the jitters. so i looked up whats in my cleanse and what they do. if you decide to cleanse out for spring. you dont even have to get a prepackaged cleanse like i did. (Renew Life Brand) You can start by eliminating something that your body doesnt like for a week or two. Grab any one or more of these herbs and personalize your cleanse. Or spring cleansing is even as easy as shooting Apple Cider Vinegar first thing in the morning. Its amazing for the liver and the kidneys. But here is a list of my cleansing herbs and what they do.

in the morning time i take two capusles filled with the following:

  • lots of vitaminC:thats not too freaky right
  • turmeric: an Indian cooking herb. great for cooking during a cleanse and also a great antioxidant. Its also known to be helpful for asthma and colds as well as gallstones.
  • garlic: wonderful to eat in spring. gets you sweating and your Liver Qi moving. great for respiratory complaints, infections, cancer, heart disease, you name it.
  • fenugreek: great for hormonal imbalances that could be caused from an overtaxed liver as well as helping with digestion and maintaining sugar levels throughout the day.
  • dandelion roots: its a wonderful blood purifier, by removing toxins from the blood, it aids in liver and kidney functions.
  • milk thistle: helps the sometimes compromised spleen liver relationship
  • burdock: great for the kidneys but also wonderful for psoriasis, eczema and other skin disorders that might be a sign of liver and blood dysfunction.
  • mullein: great for your lungs and respiratory system.
  • stinging nettle: great anti inflammatory aid. good for sore muscles, joints and arthritis as well as curbing urinary problems and bladder infections.

And thats basically it for the morning. Take that with a heaping spoonful of fiber and im on my way. But then you ask what about the nighttime colon cleansing. Well the ingredients in that arent bad either. Eat these with more fiber and also, you should chug at least 12 glasses of water a day while cleansing.

  • triphala: I just started taking this anyway. its a combo of three different fruits that help cleanse out your intestines. Its used in Ayruvedic cleansing.
  • magnesium: it maintains normal muscle and nerve function, supports immunity and maintains blood sugar levels. its also said to cause worsened PMS symptoms if you have a deficiency of magnesium. so if you are feeling super irritated and angry and bloated and stuff around your period, maybe try taking some extra magnesium supplements.
  • cape aloe root: a cousin of aloe from south africa. its cooling and gently cleanses your intestinal tract. but it also has antiinflammatory properties so there is no painful cramping while you take it.
  • rhubarb roots: used a lot in TCM, its a digestion tonic and a natural mild laxative that also helps with menstrual problems, livr and gallbladder toxins and accumulations that cause skin eruptions like psoriasis and eczema.
  • marshmallow root: great for respiratory system. it is great for acid reflux, getting out the phlegm and it also makes you feel full.
  • slippery elm: this sucker hails from the Appalachian mountains yee haw and is great for soothing mucous membranes and absorbing toxins that cause internal imbalances in your intestines.

And thats it. All natural.