di fara pizza

and my triumphant return to cheese. this morning me and the guys decided to go down to midwood to experience what some say is the best pizza in new york, and yes thats better than lombardis, better than grimaldis, better than famous rays and it just happens to be out in the middle of nowhere.

Domenico DeMarco came to New York in 1959 from a small province in Italy outside of Naples. Not long after he opened Difaras a teeny pizza joint off the Avenue J stop in Brooklyn. At five dollars a slice it ranks the most expensive slice in New York, the lines are hours long, and DeMarco, now 69 makes every pizza by hand.

it looks like nothing outside but thats not important. once inside you stand among man and women standing around a small counter with dom at this work. he makes his own dough then adds a house made tomato sauce and olive oil. next he adds buffalo mozzarella, fior di latte, and parmigianno regianno all imported from Caserta, a town near where we grew up. After a few spins in the oven he adds another circle of olive oil and basil which he grows on the window sill and cuts fresh over the pie. and then you can stand there and eat and watch this amazing pizza maker make more pizza.
i love pizza anyway but this was amazing. i mean really freaking amazing. i bought a 5 dollar slice, ate it, and then waited a full five minutes before asking for another. we waited for a good time to go and i think planning is key. di faras is closed Monday and Tuesday and is open Wednesday through Sunday from 12-4 and6-9. we decided Wednesday right after they opened would be the best time to go before it got too busy and certainly not on the weekend. and we were right. tucked in between a florist shop and a drycleaners we found it a block from the avenue j street station off the q line. and it is a long way out for most. but, only about 10 minutes from my house and right in the middle of a lovely train ride to Brighton beach. abstaining from cheese was great. i do feel okay not eating dairy as much, but for my return to the idea of eating cheese. difaras was the most excellent way back to dairytown.