eating for kapha season

last weekend i was fortunate enough to go to a workshop at my yoga studio about living according to Ayurvedic principles. this particular session was about moving into the second session of kapha season. in Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga, there are three doshas: vata, pitta and kapha. They're similar to the makeups of the five elements taught through Chinese medicine. you and everything else make up a combo of one or more doshas that reflect your coping mechanisms, your metabolism, your body temperature and makeup, and basically everything that makes you you. it can get a little confusing and my goal today is not to give you an overview of Ayurveda, but to share what i learned in this particular session.

but what i will say is that kapha people, i myself being half kapha, are very round and happy. they are very loyal and grounded. slow in their movement and the mothers of our society. they throw great parties, are very social and loving, and have a wonderful smile. kapha eyes are large and usually brown or black and their skin is very soft and glowing. their beautiful skin comes from the abundance of oils in kapha people. they tend to be very lubricated internally due to their makeup of earth and water. when massaging a kapha person, less oil and if any at all is key because their body doesnt need it as much as a pitta which burns off moisture and vatas which always crave it. kapha season makes up most of winter. its a time to slow down and rest with the earth, reflect like the water. however, when a kapha person is unbalanced, they can become depressed, sluggish or lazy. kapha season isnt over till may 15th so even though were in a time of slowing down, this last little bit of the season is very important for prepping yourself for the next.

the kapha energy is connected with the first and second chakra. and imbalances through these chakras come out as cravings of meat and sugar. sweet and salty things, especially in this time of year is ill advised. what you must do in kapha season is eat foods that nourish the other chakras. Eat pungent foods and spices like red and black pepper, cumin, green onions, parsley, cinammon, and basil. These foods nourish the third chakra. Foods to nourish the heart chakra are bitter, so eat greens like kale. Side note from my kale gratin. The pancetta isnt the best for kapha season because of all the salt and oil. nooooooo.

its still winter so the big spring time cleanse should be in the back of your mind, but its still cold outside, your body is only beginning to shed its winter. it is however beginning to let go of some of the dampness and heaviness acquired over the winter. it will start releasing stuff that it feels is congesting it to ready itself for spring. that is why foods that harbor dampness and phlegm are a no-no. Sugar, dairy and wheat should be kept to a minimum. This will help let the overloaded body pass all the things needed out. Allergies and sneezing is caused by the body trying to get rid of things that have been dormant in the body over the winter and damp foods make that worse!

Grains are still important. Its still cold outside, just try and avoid wheat for now, opting for millet, barley, rice and quinoa. You want to fill your tunny with dry, light foods. Remember oils are abundant already. Im going to post a recipe for Kapha season soon. I just have to take out all the things I want to eat in it.

I also started taking Triphala. It literally means "three fruits" in Sanskrit and it will help to start gently eliminating and readying my body for the spring. It detoxifies the liver, intestines, and cleanses and tones your digestive tract. It gets things moving, which is also important for this season. Get off the couch and stretch out! Take a walk, anything easy going but still moving around. Triphala is also very full of antioxidants and is good for your eyes and your skin. Hopefully this will help make my spring cleanse less of a shock to my system.

Good luck my friends, Happy Kapha Season!!