its spring people

its wood season in the world of traditional chinese medicine. spring is on the calender and its time to start anew. just like the trees in spring, we are coming out of our our winter slumber, coming out of winter and rebirthing ourselves in the warmth that is on its way. dont like this rain, me neither but its crucial for the growth of the season and in ourselves. the trees are coming!! in the natural world, trees link the sky and the ground. their roots are steadfast in the earth while their branches bend and turn in the wind reaching for the sun. they sway in the wind and twist and turn around obstacles and that combo of firmness and flexibility is the key to their survival.

and we are earths macrocosm. the combo of wood on the earth must also be balanced within us and more times than not, its not quite right. the two organs that symbolize the wood element in our bodies are our liver and our gallbladder. in TCM the liver symbolizes the smooth flow of blood throughout our bodies. it makes sure everything is smooth and easy going. it tries to ensure that we are adaptive to changes in life, even when they are not what we want. trying to control things in our life, not having the flexibility that the wood spirit needs, taxes the liver and the emotions. the stubbornness, the inflexibility of a wounded wood energy can cause major problems. most liver imbalances show through as moodiness, anger, frustration and pain.

in TCM, blood is the physical expression of the sense of self. it nourishes and moistens our self esteem providing a rich understanding of who we are. through the management of blood, the liver nourishes and moistens the muscles and tissues, regualtes mentruation, and provides a foundation for the heart and the mind. your liver is trying to help rule this smooth flow of blood. we dont want it going too fast and we dont want it stagnant. but the liver absorbs what cant be digested. just as the wood element builds up anger at situations that cant be controlled, the liver stores ingested substances that cant be directed. it regulates the levels of fats and sugars in the blood, and when it gets overburdened by shit food with grease and pesticides, too much coffee, booze and smoking it compromises its role in digestion. this can result in blood pressure and blood sugar imbalances, constipation and IBS or addictions and anger.

and this is just the tip of the iceberg of what your liver is going through everyday, poor little bastard. when an unblanced liver is unable to nourish the blood, the body can develop scanty or painful periods, a pale dry complexion and eyes and worst of all, problems with your own self esteem.

but dont fret. the time is now. this is the season to cleanse your liver and get on the right track for spring. and im doing it too. today i started a whole body cleanse, catering to my poor kicked around liver. so we can do it together. i will be all over this blog with tips for figuring out your own personal way to spring out of old habits and rebirth a whole new you. stay tuned and happy spring everybody.