meditation and your first chakra

cleansing out is a wonderful way to get back in touch with your roots. ive been very centered on my third chakra and i need to sometimes remember that if your lower chakras are not open, your higher chakras can suffer for it. spring is a wonderful time to start fresh right from your first chakra and begin your journey back up the spine. root chakra problems can include eating disorders and cleansing can reboot your body out of addictive patterns with sugar, alcohol and emotional eating. Other issues of the first chakra include adrenal insufficiencies stemming from your kidneys, immune related disorders which can be spawned from an over taxed liver and blood.

The best way to reconnect with your first chakra is is to reconnect with your body. Take your shoes of and connect to the ground, even if it is a fifth floor apartment in Brooklyn. The sun is coming, the ground is getting warmer and soon we can reconnect outside. Take a walk, go on a hike and most of all be present. Being present with yourself and your body is the best way to nourish yourself and your first chakra. This chakra is the first to develop when we are young and sometimes when we are children dealing with things we feel we cant handle we disassociate ourselves from our body without even knowing it. We start to form patterns of leaving the body whenever we are afraid as a way to distract ourselves from things we are having problems dealing with. But those problems will always be waiting for us when we get back from whatever our disassociation is and if we dont deal with it, we lose a sense of ourselves and our first chakra. Without having an open and grounded first chakra its very difficult to open more kundalini energy.

mediation is very important for first chakra nourishment. meditation is acknowledging your inner truth. cleansing your liver and nourishing your wood spirit can help you get in touch with your inner truth. When wood rears its head as frustration and resentment it is a call to pay attention to ones inner power, intuition and goals. At its best, spring cleansing can not only help you clear out your body of things it doesnt need but mentally be more in tune with your mind and your heart. take a minute to sit down and meditate and if you feel angry or fidgety instead of moving on with your day, really try to figure out why you are frustrated. why are you angry. instead of suppressing those feelings. have the courage to face them and maybe you will find out something about youruself you dont want to face. your disassociation. im not saying it will be easy. i know its not easy for me. but if you can get through it and be honest with yourself you will inevitably become a better person to yourself. and this is the season of rebirth afterall. so cleanse out the things you dont need and birth a better brighter you for spring. meditation can be done for only a few moments a day and can change your perspective for the rest of your life.