roasted fennel with parmesan

this weekend was a black hole. i basically slept through the whole thing. i accomplished nothing and literally was happy not saying a single word or leaving my couch. by sunday i had managed to shower, and that was an accomplishment. then, and it was a process, getting out of the house to do laundry and go to the grocery. i slept more than i was awake and am grateful to my honey for finding me in various stages of disarray and moving me to bed. now im back, kind of, i feel like a zombie from so much sleep and still am not in the mood to speak or deal with all the things i have to do this week. but NY aint waiting for me to come back from the dead and my shining moment over this weekend was managing to make and eat this amazing recipe. no, i dont have a picture of it, nor do i really have an idea of how to make it, but i do know that it is one of the simplest and most delicious things ive eaten in a while, and i need to share it with you.

start by turning on your oven. you can do that right 375 degrees. dont forget to turn it on like i did.

4 heads of fennel, or however many you feel like eating.
olive oil
salt and pepper
grated parmesan, or any kind of parmesan. im not even quite sure what kind i used.

cut up your fennel. cut off the tops and bottoms and take the outside section off. you should have a cute little bulb. now here is when it can get rather tricky. im pretty sure that the way i cut it, is not the way it was supposed to be cut. i think as i started to cut it, it just fell apart on me and i decided not to care how i cut it and just threw it in a little glass pan.

after that i sprinkled it with salt and pepper, drizzled it with olive oil and dropped some cheese over the top. after that i let it sit in the oven for a couple minutes before i remembered to turn the oven on.

let it roast for 45 minutes.

i dont know how or why this simple recipe tasted so good, but it was gone in 5 minutes. i let the honey try some and he handed me back a near empty bowl. its simple, in season, good for you, and even a damn zombie cant mess it up. enjoy.