so what are we eating?

when your cleansing your just trying to make it as easy as possible for your body tog et rid of all the ickies. you dont wanna put more stuff that your trying to get out, in. luckily i live near a farmers market and everything they have, i eat it. its very important to eat for the seasons anyway, and luckily spring has a yummy selection of things to eat that are great for cleansing and your liver.

The color associated with spring and the wood element is green of course so basically anything green is a go. All vegetables and green ones especially carry wood energy and can nourish the liver and gallbladder. And basically nourishing the gall bladder through food just means take out everything fried, so were gonna do that too. Nothing fried or greasy. No booze or sugar of course and anything high in fat content is a no no. And no coffee. I know, how will I live without coffee and sugar. We shall see. Woods flavor is sour. So anything sour is also a go. Sour foods cool the body. They penetrate the liver and gallbladder stimulating them and affecting their energy flow. So definitely eat and drink lots of lemons and vinegars in your diet this spring. So were looking to eat lemons, apples, berries, olives, sourdough breads, tomatoes, and mangoes. They all have that sour quality.

Also vegetables with stalks, which are also in season are great to eat during a cleanse. Fennel, leeks and celery are perfect for this time of year. Foods that grow upwards on strong stems and stalks embody Woods image of growth and therefore have a tight connection to it. Im definitely going to eat asparagus and even corn or wheat when bought organically can be okay. Potatoes are also in season right now.

During spring the liver and gallbladder are naturally active and have a tendency towards excess. People at this time of year are often somewhat congested internally from winters slow pace and a heavy diet. Liver excess symptoms can manifest as allergies, irritability, restlessness, anger, indecision, and constipation. All the wood foods we eat will help decongest all that leftover winter impurities and clear and cleanse the body. I would also suggest reducing all dairy products while your cleansing because they can cause even more congestion and phlegm.
Recipes will be up soon. I think Im making soup tonight!!