april showers

man, rainy days getting ya down? me too. next season, lesson learned about restraint. When you buy your Yankee tickets, wait until May. I have tickets tonight to see them play the Orioles and Ive got a bad feeling that this might be another rainout. So, how to combat rainy days? Talk about yer solar plexus. and the thing about that is, i freaking saw this guys solar plexus the other day. it was insanity. we went on a field trip in my myology(muscle study) class to the Bodies exhibit downtown at the seaport, and i saw it.

and let me say, i was curious but not necessarily excited at all about going down there. i had been avoiding this exhibit for years and truthfully thought it was super creepy. but, it actually was a perfect fieldtrip for our class and my professor had actually given tours there before and is a super cool guy so i figured what the hell.

at first i was kind of scared and a little giddish(thats not a word btw, i looked it up), like a little girl. i walked in kind of slow and peeked around the first corner really slow. and i saw the first dude standing there. And i didnt even think about it I guess but, they kind of try and ease you into it. the first room isnt like so bad. By the time you get to the weird stuff your already completely sucked into it. It really was unlike anything Id ever seen(thank God right?) Each room kind of had a different theme. Like each room was a different system. There was the digestive system room where you could see the large intestine, and the ironically much larger small intestine. The respiratory room where they show you all the smokers lungs and the opportunity to throw your cigarettes away in this big plastic box. The coolest thing about this though were the avioli of the lungs. I managed to snap a picture or two of them and I was amazed at how beautiful they were. They were actually in the blood room though which was my favorite. How they removed everything but someone veins is beyond me.
cool looking right? i wish i could have gotten a picture of the solar plexus but it wasnt in the cards. but i did see it. and it was so beautiful. off in the corner of the nerve room this body was opened up to try and catch a glimpse of his nerve centers. you can kind of see the lumbar plexus which i think houses the first and second chakras, but in between his pelvis and ribs i got a clear shot of this bundle of nerves making up the "self" or the third chakra. i bet i stared at it wide eyed forever. i never expected in all my life to actually see a solar plexus. it just like a big ol flower! like a sunflower. but more like a spider mum, one of my favorite flowers thankyouvery much. and it was mesmerizing.

so whether or not i see the game today, screw you rain. ill defy you by honoring my third chakra. ill definitely wear my yellow hat, the signature color of your third chakra. im drinking some ginger tea, also a friend of the thirdy and im wearing some lovely perfume by honey gave me for xmas. its avedas third chakra mist and it stimulates your power energy. oils that encourage me to keep my power and my self and not let anything, even a rainy day, defer me from it. this little mist is powered with balsam fir, lavender, and lemon oils. Real quick:

Fir oils encourage protection and clarity of mind and spirit. It allows us to achieve strength and inner unity. Its considered elevating and grounding at the same time.

Lavender has calming and relaxing qualities that can help reach deeper states of meditation. Lavender is wonderful for integrating spirituality into your daily life. It can bring together the higher and lower chakras into harmony with each other.

Lemon can help open the heart by alleviating fears of emotional involvement and of losing oneself in another person, its also spiritually cleansing.

on these nasty ol days. you can do little things to brighten it up. cook with lemon. wear yellow socks or wear some lavender to break out of rainy day blah and hang in there for spring. you can even go find your local bodies exhibit and see your first chakra. updates tbd on baseball. at least antm is on tonight.